At the Oakwood Veterinary Clinic, we offer comprehensive wellness care to all companion animals and exotic pets.

This includes annual vaccines. Protecting your pet from canine and feline distemper, Lyme disease in dogs and rabies in the companion animal population is important.  There is also a public health component to keeping our patients vaccinated against these diseases and our vaccine protocols are tailored to your pet’s specific needs.

We recommend annual visits for all our patients.  Our doctors will talk to you about how your pet is doing at home and discuss any issues you might have.  During a physical exam, our veterinarians will do a nose to tail exam. They listen to the heart and lungs and check the ears and eyes. They feel along your pet’s spine for abnormalities and pain and check your pet’s belly.  If you have an exotic pet, we have two veterinarians on staff that will treat them.  We recommend regular visits for routine procedures and physical exams for them as well.

In our practice, the doctors are experienced in treating common ailments such as ear infections and upset stomachs. We can also treat ongoing health concerns such as diabetes, thyroid conditions, and allergies.

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