Meet Kayla

Meet Kayla

When the Oakwood Veterinary Clinic opened its doors in March of 2011 there was a newly hired receptionist named Kayla sitting at the desk welcoming our new clients and their pets. She was an integral part of our practice then, and instrumental in establishing its success.  Seven years later, she has become one of our most experienced front desk staff.


If you call the office to schedule an appointment for a check-up, surgery or special procedure, or simply to ask a question, Kayla is on the line to help you with whatever you need.

If you are checking in for your appointment or stopping at the desk on your way out, she is always ready with a smile.

She works with the doctors and the rest of our support staff filling prescriptions, assisting with “run in back” appointments, and relaying client messages.  Because of her years of experience, she uses the knowledge she has gained to educate our clients in many areas including flea and tick control, heartworm prevention, and vaccine protocols.




To support our staff, Kayla is responsible for maintaining our “positivity center”, a message board where she posts motivational sayings, thank you cards and pet photos from our clients and great reviews posted on Facebook.



Outside of the office Kayla enjoys spending time with her dog Tazer and cats Selia and Zander. In the summer she enjoys camping and enjoying nature.  She spends time at her grandparent’s camp in the Adirondacks. She also loves to read, and she is an avid Star Wars Fan!

Featured Employee: Carlie

Featured Employee: Carlie

Carlie and one of our patients.

Carlie just began her fifteenth year of working at the Boght Veterinary Clinic as a part-time kennel worker.  A longtime resident of Cohoes, she began her career with us while attending Shaker High School. Fifteen years is truly a milestone for Carlie and for our clinic; to have had her working for us and for our clients and their pets.

The best thing about Carlie is her true love for the animals that she cares for.  Her daily responsibilities include feeding, bathing and cleaning her charges.  She greets clients and their pets when they are brought in or go home.  She mops up messes and does loads of laundry.  Even after fifteen years she still enjoys her job and rarely misses a day. One of her favorite parts of the job is taking care of the ducks in our front pond.

When not at work Carlie enjoys going to concerts and hanging out with friends.  She likes shopping with her mom.  She currently has no pets at home but loves the hospital’s animals as her own.

Small but Mighty!

Small but Mighty!

IMG_1293Nancy began her career at the Boght Veterinary Clinic in January of 2013.  Working as a part time receptionist, she was dedicated to serving our clients and caring for their pets.  Because of her commitment to our practice and her eagerness to serve our clients, she was promoted to a full time position in October of 2014.  In this capacity she is one of the first employees you will se if you come to the hospital for an appointment, to drop your pets off for a stay in our boarding facility, or if they are scheduled for a surgical procedure.  If you call the office to schedule an appointment, book a boarding reservation or just to ask a question, Nancy is on the line to help you with whatever you need.

She is one of our most experienced front office workers and always leads by example.  Quite often we can count on Nancy to work closely with our newly trained receptionists.  This involves training them on proper hospital procedures, showing them how to navigate the computer system and helping them acclimate themselves to our busy practice.

Nancy gets along with everyone, she works hard, is an excellent communicator, and is easy to work with.  She is reliable and comes to work with a positive attitude.  She recently attended a kennel staff meeting with suggestions on how to improve procedures in the boarding facility.  And she sure can clean! Never has our hospital been so spotless.  Whenever she has free time she has a rag in her hand or a broom ready.  Her hard work is appreciated by the doctors and staff, and our clients can always benefit from her knowledge and care.

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