Tom and his cat Nala

At the Boght and Oakwood Veterinary Clinics, we have had the pleasure of working with Tom Fuller since 2016.  He is employed as a full-time veterinary assistant. As the job title implies, he works closely with our doctors.  During daily appointments he obtains a brief history, answers any general questions from our clients related to their pet’s care, and relays any concerns to the doctors.  He works with the doctors and technicians in the treatment area and is responsible for many aspects of animal care including monitoring surgical cases and hospitalized patients. He also helps to complete lab work in our in-house lab.


Boght and Oakwood Veterinary CLinic Maintenence Van – Designed by Tom

Tom is always willing to lend a hand wherever he is needed and will do the dirtiest job with a smile.  He is eager and excited to learn new skills related to his job.  He is currently working with Dr. Brandilyn Wagoner, and our Digital Communications Director Michelle, on a project related to our clinic adoptions.  This gives him the opportunity to use his graphic design talents.  He has also used his graphic design background to design the company’s maintenance van.


Outside of the office, Tom spends time with his cat Nala, a cat he adopted from the clinic. He enjoys outdoor activities like longboarding and climbing.

Hiking while on Vacation

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