As the oldest daughter of Dr. David Wagoner, Michelle has a long history with the Boght Veterinary Clinic.  She remembers spending summers in the house at the back of the office, babysitting her sisters while her dad was working. She started working for the clinic officially in 2002 as a receptionist and remembers going through building renovations and computer system upgrades.

After high school, Michelle went on to college and a career in the field of education.  While teaching she became interested in Digital Communication through blogging and sharing teaching ideas on the internet.  Now, after 14 years, she is back in the area and once again working for the Boght and Oakwood Veterinary Clinics.

Michelle’s goal in her new position is to connect with clients and their pets in a fun and personal way.  She plans to do this through regular postings on our Facebook pages (Boght Facebook and Oakwood Facebook) and blog posts and updates here on our website. Her hope is to have other staff members connect through these platforms as well.

At a minor league baseball game

The best part of Michelle’s job is being able to spend time with her family and be part a business that she is proud of.  The Boght Veterinary Clinic, and later the Oakwood Veterinary Clinic, has always supported Michelle in her endeavors and she is looking forward to returning the favor.

When she is not in the office, she is most likely spending time with her husband and son.  They enjoy going to sporting events, watching movies, and traveling. They have two dogs – Salvatore “Putz” and Willow “Aggressive Snuggler”.

Willow (right) and Salvatore (left)

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