The Oakwood Veterinary Clinic now offers physical rehabilitation services to our patients.  Companion animal physical rehabilitation is similar to the practice of physical therapy in human medicine.  It is a relatively new approach to addressing limitations placed on pets as a result of injury, osteoarthritis, acute or chronic pain, trauma, surgery, obesity and debilitating orthopedic, muscular and neurologic conditions.  With physical rehabilitation these conditions can be effectively treated better than before, helping those affected to live longer and have a better quality of life.
There are many different therapeutic methods available for use in our physical rehabilitation program. The specific modalities recommended for your pet will ultimately depend on their condition.  However, a combination of treatments such as therapeutic laser, massage and heat therapy along with range of motion, balance and coordination exercises can be used to help your pet reach their rehabilitation goals.
An initial consultation will be performed by a rehabilitation specialist.  This will include obtaining a detailed history of your pet, assessment of your home environment and a discussion about what your realistic expectations are for your pet’s function. After this first visit an individually tailored therapy plan will be developed. The plan will include exercises that you can do at home, as well as therapy that will be offered at our clinic. Companion animal rehabilitation is not one-size-fits-all.  Every therapy recommended will be specific to your pet’s needs.
As always, we will do our best to make this new service affordable to everyone. If the cost of a rehabilitation program is a concern, keep in mind that rehabilitation often reduces the need for anti-inflammatory or pain medications for your pet, which saves money in the long run. Program participants will also be taught basic at-home techniques if you cannot come into the clinic as often as recommended.
We are pleased to be expanding our clinic services to include companion animal physical rehabilitation to our clients and their pets.  It helps many pets to lead more comfortable lives by easing pain, improving mobility and promoting better strength, function and fitness.  We also hope  to target many of our furry companions that are overweight. The physical rehabilitation program can also be used to develop a weight loss program that incorporates exercise, nutritional counseling and home care instructions to help your pet shed those extra pounds. Watch this web site and our face book page for more details!

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